Maps, Charts and Short (long) links

For my chart, I chose to create a pie chart through the chart tool link we examined yesterday. My chart was based on the Presidential race in November, highlighting who people would vote for. I had three options, Obama, Romney and undecided. I found the chart tools to be pretty straightforward for small amounts on information. Time will tell if it will continue to be this simple…

I made a map from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre in Paris, France. I traced my steps and was able to see both a satellite and arial view of the path I would take by both foot and car. I found the google maps application also fairly easy to use. Though, I was unable to plug in my URL, therefore, I have a screenshot of my map. I am hoping with time we will be able to use this tool more in depth
and not have issues embedding it into my blog.

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