Publicizing Passwords

My security practices range from the devices I am using. When it comes to my computer, I have an ID password that must be typed out in order to enter my computer. Before, I did have many of my passwords saved to various websites including facebook, twitter, and my mason school email.

My phone is also pretty easily accessible for anyone to get into. Though, I understand more now than I did before, the number of hackings that occur daily, I have not changed many of my procedures to logging into websites. I am more aware of how computers can be tapped into and how easy it is to secure important information such as banking accounts and personal photos/emails.

I am more conscious now of what I keep up on my computer. I also realized that my google docs alone, holds many valuable passwords because of the documents that were shared with me during my internship. I hope more people step back and realize they can be hacked any day, and having back up and security is crucial to live in the technological world we are accustomed to today.

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