Security Breach

This week’s reading scared the crap out of me. I was tempted to unsubscribe to every email account I have and change all of my passwords to French words mixed with my brother’s middle name. Being an Apple user for over six years, I have acquired a few email subscriptions; have my Chrome settings saved to everything from my bank account to my Twitter page.

The convenience of having all of your information saved to your bookmarks bar is something many of us do not really think about on a day-to-day basis. One of the reasons I have yet to switch over to an I-phone is because I know if I ever lost it, I would have a major meltdown and be paranoid for some time. Not because of anything out of the ordinary, but because the Internet can be hacked at any moment, giving people access to all of your accounts is not on my to-do list.

Hackers have expanded especially over the past decade with all of the technology present. In high school, I had a friend, “he who should not be named,” who could hack into the school system and create his own report card. A certified genius in my book, but undoubtedly wrong, he was seventeen. Now think about how many professional hackers roam the Internet on a daily basis, stealing peoples’ information and many cases their identities.

“ With this AppleID, someone can make thousands of dollars of purchases in an instant, or do damage at a cost that you can’t put a price on.” This seems to be the overlaying issue today.

We think we can trust people and our computers. We hope that because we spend money with Amazon, Nordstrom, and Itunes, we have security and can log in anywhere in the world and be secure. This is just not the case in 2012. No one is safe. It is more likely that you will get hacked on the Internet than if you left your wallet at a gas station and someone stole your credit card.


I will be sure to log off my accounts from now on.

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