Feltron Fascination

When I started to shuffle through Nicholas Felton’s reports, I was trying to decide if I thought this was brilliant or a tad OCD/crazy. Borderline both, I believe that Mr. Felton was way ahead of the game. Think about it, now a days, our Facebook pages and twitter accounts allow us to tell the world what we are doing, eating, seeing and reading. But how many of us actually step back and examine how many boxes of pizza we ate or how many times we left the state on an annual basis?

To chronicle this information, archive it, and publish it for the world to see, only seems like the next logical step. I would love to know how many times I went to the movies, played a certain song on my Itunes or read non school books per year. For someone who loves organization and order, I think this report would be beneficial to most people. I am not sure if I could take it to the extent that he did, though, I do not see the any harm in the process.

Mr. Felton’s progression of information from 2005 to present is somewhat overwhelming. I wonder how long it takes for him to put this information into various charts and tally his findings. His 2010 report showcased his father’s life-a family tree and various maps of Berlin as well as some of his mother’s information such as the number of siblings she had.

Overall, I think this is brilliant. There is so much information we lose year to year because we forget to write it down or recognize the information. For something like your family history to be available in a report that is not only aesthetically pleasing but informational, is something I would love to have in my future to share with my family. The difference between placing this information on facebook or twitter, instead of in a report is the thought process that is behind it and the value that can be transmitted through one of these charts.

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